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Lidoran Roofing Smashes Previous World Record

  • Roofing Replaced

    3,800 ㎡

  • Completion Time

    10 hours

3,800m2 Asbestos Roof removed & replaced with metal in JUST 10 hrs

Mick Bunting - Production Manager wanted to challenge the existing world record accomplished by Lidoran back in 2006. When CDM logistics needed to replace their 3,800 m2 asbestos production warehouse roof, but were concerned about potential loss of production time due to facilities being closed, Mick new this was the perfect chance to realize his goal.

With meticulous planning and a gung ho crew of 20 roofers Mick was certain that he could indeed beat the record.

6.30am Wednesday August 12, Mick and his crew started the project working hard and fast. As one crew started stripping and got far enough ahead, the second crew started to lay the new insulation and metal sheeting. With 2 cranes – one being 130 tonne and the other 80 tonne, the job of loading the bins with asbestos was efficient – at the same time, kept up with the crews speed.

By 4.30 pm the entire roof had been stripped and laid, meaning the roof was watertight until the smaller details could be completed.

The previous world record was 3,533m2 asbestos removed and replaced in 11 hours with 22 men. Lidoran had more than beaten this with 20 men, 3,800m2 asbestos replaced in 10 hours!!

Lidoran Roofing can replace your roof FAST & SAFE with minimum disruption to your staff and production.

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