Sydney Harbour Bridge RTA

Sydney NSW


    Sydney, NSW

The RTA was looking for a company specialised and experienced in working with heights and dangerous environments.

Lidoran Roofing was chosen to remove and replace the rusted roof located in the Southern pylon (city side) of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This project was very sensitive in many aspects – the height of the actual site being over 40 meters high and the fact that it was situated over active bridge workers – painters and maintenance guys. Therefore it was critical not to impede the workers schedule or compromise their safety.

Taking this into account the safety set-up was done at night – a 135ft boom (largest ever made) was used to install protective netting and then the following day to remove the rusted metal sheeting and replaced it with ZincAlume Kliplok.

Another quality job completed by Lidoran Roofing.

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