Channel Seven Studios



    Epping, NSW

  • Roofing Replaced

    4500 ㎡

  • Completion Time

    2 weeks

Channel 7 Studios in Epping had a four and a half thousand square metre asbestos saw tooth roof. The middle section of the roof was in bad condition and needed to be rapidly replaced. Lidoran was contacted for the job.

There were a few barriers to overcome: directly beneath that portion of the roof, was the storage for all the TV shows sets and the recording studios. There were also 1,000 - 2,000 employees onsite daily.

It was decided that the only possible window available was the 2-week Christmas break wherein a skeleton crew manned Channel 7 and there was no TV production occurring. Come rain, hail or shine  the job had to be completed within this time frame.

In true Lidoran fashion the boys went in and removed all of the hazardous asbestos and replaced the section with ColorBond metal roofing - completing the whole project in two weeks. A helicopter was used to transport the material to the hard to reach spots.

Lidoran Roofing meets and adapts to deadlines and scheduling priorities in a professional manner.

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