Hunter Region Tannery


    Hunter Region, NSW

Storms came to the Hunter Region Tannery a few weeks before Christmas, this was not the traditional white Christmas people look forward to.

The asbestos roof on the old Tannery was damaged beyond allowable Workcover repair limits.

Santa and his helpers came this year in the form of Lidoran Roofing.

Lidoran sprang into action, organised asbestos removal, purlin and roof material replacement throughout the entire holiday period with a “leave it to us attitude”, which allowed Tannery Management and the Consultants to get on with their responsibilities (and their holidays) without distractions.

Production delays were kept to a minimum thanks to Lidoran.

Lidoran’s efficient, friendly and professional attitude, at a time when most people were looking forward to their holidays, was an absolute joy.

Make sure you talk to Lidoran if you have a roofing problem.

Philip Abram – Architect & Project Manager
Philip Abram Architects Pty Ltd

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