MD Machinery

We are very happy with the re roof project Lidoran Roofing completed for us in October. There is a lot of satisfaction in not having an asbestos roof anymore and there is a distinct difference in the temperature of the factory. Before on a hot day the temperature would be the same inside as it was on the outside. A lot of the machinery is cast iron and retains the heat – sometimes first thing in the morning on a hot summers day, it would feel like a blast furnace. Now it is much cooler.The skylights installed really lighten up the place and make the building appear to be bigger.

Lidoran staff worked efficiently and didn’t interfer with our production – they were very compatible.

They made sure all our equipment was covered with sheeting so as to protect it from any dust and this was very impressive.

I recommend Lidoran Roofing to any company that needs reliable efficient contractors to carry out their roof project.

Bob Sparkes

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