Paper Mill

Holy Paper Mache Batman!!!

  • Completion Time

    3 days

These were the words uttered, not so quietly when the boys walked into this unholy, noisy, stinking hot environment.

As I had first hand experience of what was about to be confronted I decided a hand picked team was needed. The back of our business card states 'THE CAN DO GUYS' and without that type of attitude the job would not have been done.

With the crew selected Jono Bunting, Black Beard, Brent & Jacob, I knew the Client satisfaction would once again be achieved.

First stop when we hit town was the pub for a good feed and a few beers, where I did my best to paint a God forsaken picture of what was about to hit them first thing in the morning. My aim was to make it sound much worse than it was which was extremely foreign for me, the eternal optimist.

The task was to make safe a ceiling, that was in poor condition. The catch, it was over 2,000 degree heat source. Heat management was a priority, so 30 minutes on then 30 minutes off a rotation system, add lots of water & I think they had a chance.

Well three days later all survived, not a reality show where there is only one winner. At Lidoran everyone is a winner. We are a team & work as one delivering the most amazing products & services for our valuable Clients.

Without our staff we are nothing, so a very appreciated well-done boys.

Phil Bamford - General Manager

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