Springett Moss Vale

Lidoran Sets a World Record!


    Moss Vale

  • Roofing Replaced

    3,533 ㎡

  • Completion Time

    11 hours

3,533 square meters of super six asbestos roof sheeting removed and replaced with Zincalume in 11 hours.

Vital Statistics:

  • Owner: RE & EJ Springett
  • Occupant: Vale Statutory & Mining Services
  • Roof Sheeting used: .48 Zincalume
  • Area of Roof: 3,533 square meters
  • Number of roofers employed on project: 22
  • Square meters stripped & re-roofed
    per hour: 307

This mammoth effort occurred in the quiet Southern Highlands town of Moss Vale.

With a team of just 22 men, including both directors of Lidoran Roofing, the roof at Vale Statutory and Mining Services, in Moss Vale's industrial area, was replaced in true Lidoran style.

Lidoran Roofing gets the job done FAST with minimal disruption to your business.

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