The Man at Perisher

We are always up for a challenge!


    Perisher, NSW

If you need to know one thing about Lidoran it should be this 'We are always up for a challenge!'

We love carrying on projects that are in distance and remote locations with special challenges thrown in. So when an old client of ours called with a 3 degree roof & snow we were all ears.

The job was in Perisher, so from the comfort of my air con office a quotes prepared. This was followed last November with a quick 2-hour chopper flight into site for final adjustments to the quote & a measure up.

The trip went well apart from 60km winds on landing & engine stall warning alarms coming on as we climbed away into the wind, all good in the end as I am still with you. We were looking for a January start in the beautiful snowy mountains mid-summer. The boys were up for it, fishing & skinny-dipping in the mountain stream sounded like the perfect job.

Well as luck would have it red tape delayed the work until this month. The sheets were 40.5m long & at the last minute we had issues with transport. This delayed the job one week, which turned out to be a blessing as high winds , rain & snow were the order of the programmed week. Regarding the delivery issues we changed plans & decided to roll the sheets on-site. On a very chilly Tuesday morning at 7:30am the road show arrived containing two semis, the roll former & a crane.

Boys ripped into pulling g the old roof off while all was being setup. Then bang, we were into making the largest roof sheets ever manufactured close to the highest point in Australia.

By lunch we were hand loading them up onto the roof, a massive effort for six guys. Luckily, the sun was out & we were flying.

Evenings were cold with icy roofs in the morning but things soon warmed up. Friday lunch with horns totting & arms waving out the windows we were off back to the big smoke with a smiling client.

Thanks Black Beard, Jono, Big Red, K A & Braydon for a fun job & big effort.

Phil Bamford - General Manager 

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